Canadian Place Names Working Group

Worth checking out this week is the fresh look at Canada’s “literary geography” found at the online mapping platform conquer.earth.

The bookishplaces account on the site displays the whereabouts of hundreds of locations named in honour of Canadian authors and writers.

Must be seen to be appreciated.

CPWG sees potential applications in areas of geography, toponymy, bibliography and Canadian Studies more generally.

conquer.earth/bookishplaces A dynamic, off-label utilization of the conquer.earth platform.

bookishplaces.ca Minimalistic pointer to the external cartographic source.

This one is on the municipal front out of Edmonton, AB.

Naming Committee activities, outlined in an online job description, include the naming of “development areas, parks, municipal facilities, roads and honorary roads.”

How to apply for committee membership is outlined at the link above. The CPWG tweet noting the vacancy is also online.

The CPWG About page has been updated.

View it here or via the hyperlink above.

Thanks for visiting the Canadian Place Names Working Group in our initial stages of online startup.

The group’s first social media handle – @PlaceCanadian – is now active over on Twitter.

Check back for more news as things get set up.

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